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Thinking of changing your current Time & Billing/Accounting Software package?  We can assist you through the conversion process by providing data analysis/mapping services to extract your data from your current program and by working closely with your new software vendor, make the transition seamless.

Our Vice President of Client Services, Janelle Ruffino, leads Firm Options, Inc. in Client Service Development and Data Extractions/Conversion, providing clients across the country with superior service in all aspects of legal accounting services for the past 11 years.

Prior to joining Firm Options, Inc., Janelle was a Senior Conversion Engineer for Juris, Inc. where she focused on the conversion of data from other accounting programs into Juris®. This experience has broadened her knowledge of many different accounting packages. Previous to this, Janelle worked with Juris Southeast Sales and Services, Inc. in South Florida for 6 years as a Conversion Engineer and Custom Report Writer.

If you are an existing Juris client looking to change to another package, you’ve came to the right place since we are experts in Juris data extractions.  We can manipulate the Juris data to conform to any file format required for your new program.

Please contact us if you are interested in hearing more about our Data Extraction services.