Client Payment Ledger

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The Client Payment Ledger will list all of the Cash Receipts by Client, for ALL matters, with a date range option.

From the main menu, simply choose a Client ID, and enter a beginning and ending Date Range.

The Client Payment Ledger will list all checks associated with this Client which were deposited via Cash Receipts (providing the Cash Receipt batches have not been Purged from Juris) including the Cash Receipt Batch and Record number used for the deposit, check date, check number, check amount, check payor and will show how the check was applied to either AR, PPD, or Trust by Matter for the specified date range, and will also include a Summary by Matter.

The Client Payment Ledger is offered on an “As Is” basis for just $175.00.  The price includes one of our representatives to WebEx in with your to link the tables to Juris.  NOTE:  Any modifications to the report will be billable at $190/hr.  You will also need to ensure you have a license of Microsoft Access version 2005 (or higher) installed on one of your workstations in order to run the report.

If you are interested in purchasing this report, or hearing more about our other custom reporting options, please email Tracee Mommers or Janelle Ruffino.