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Firm Options, Inc. can assist your firm with ensuring competitiveness in the industry, providing you with ideas, insights and proven methods to deal with known dynamics in the legal community.

If you wish to discuss any of the below in more detail, please email Tracee Mommers to schedule a telephone conference at your convenience.

  • Create and enforce stronger controls in the Billing Department by implementing firm-wide staff deadlines for time entry collection and utilizing the Prebill control system within Juris.
  • Implement firm-wide time entry in an effort to measure non-attorney productivity; control the “timeliness” of time entries.
  • Implement and maintain firm-wide protocols for time entry; client/matter intake procedures; and client/matter closing procedures.
  • Create and maintain data consistency in case management database (i.e ClientProfiles) with accounting databases (i.e Juris) through constant data analysis.
  • Implement compliance rules for time entry narratives by reviewing the audits of your current bill reductions for the specific words that are not permitted by the client.
  • Monitor and resolve Client Bill Reductions in a timely manner in an effort to notify the Billing Attorney to appeal the reduction.
  • Streamline the AR Collection process by filtering out paper billed clients from electronically billed clients and follow up with clients in a more efficient manner.
  • Streamline electronic bill submissions by creating filters and controls.

The value to the firm would include:

  • Avoid productivity loss by staff
  • A reduction in AR Write Offs
  • Faster and more accurate billing
  • An increase in cash flow
  • A reduction in Prebill Editing by attorneys
  • A true account of the firm-wide open cases
  • An increase in billing
  • Increased utilization throughout the Accounting Department