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We evaluate your current processing methods and make sure you have the best policies and procedures in place; verify that your accounting department is operating at optimal performance and if not, give you the knowledge and proven methods to enhance efficiency.  Turn to us with your questions if you need an accurate answer, fast.

Upon completion, we provide you with a report listing all of your current business procedures in detail.  Some of the areas we address with an Operational Review are File Intake, including Conflict Searches, file setup procedures, retainer requirements, Case Management utilization, Bank Reconciliation procedures, Payroll Processing procedures, Accounts Payable procedures, Accounts Receivable procedures, Journal Entries, Cost Recovery, Time Tracking, Billing procedures, and File Closing/Storage Procedures.

During the course of an Operational Review, we will spend a good deal of time with each member in these departments to review their current procedures and processing methods and should we find some problems, we would be able to address them individually with the user at that time.

If you wish to discuss any of the above in more detail , please email Tracee Mommers and we can schedule a telephone conference at your convenience.